The Asian Handicap was not until then known by sportsbooks and betting players. We go one step further and just mention the Asian Handicap as Asian Odds.

What are asian odds?

Simply put, the Asian Odds offer two results, stable odds and divergence of betting options at various sports events. Deviations or handicaps can range from zero points, known as DNB or draw no bet, to different points. This is based on the perception of those who determine handicapped bets. The more uniformly you match the bet object, the smaller the deviation. If Manchester United has a good team in the FA Cup, let's say, Manchester City assume that you can imagine that the gap will be very small. If, for example, Traktor Chelyabinsk plays Avtomobilist for KHL Hockey, the deviation will be much wider.


It is important to understand that Asian handicap often provides the player who wins the most success in winning more money. Mainly because the range you bet more often is larger, which implies a wider range of success than when you bet 1, X, or 2 to a traditional European bookmaker, for example. Most European books charge 5 to 10 percent if you want to bet on football. Asian Odds are usually offered for the bookmaker as low as 2.5%. This basically means more money in your pocket per bet to place.

Another interesting point is that bettors also gain more detailed control over the bets they wager by using the various available handicaps. Again, if you bet on odds of 1, X, or 2 you have a coefficient that has to do with three results. Asian handicaps deal with two results. This means that you can even win your bet in part, return a part of the bet or even lose a place on the same bet. Read more about this in the second part of our article.

It's not that easy because you only have two results in betting and winning at all times, but you can use your sports betting skills to make it happen much more accurately. If you have done a good analysis of the statistics and you have good information about one particular event, the Asian odds offer significantly higher forecasting accuracy than 1, X, or 2, which is a much more crude betting option.

If you are good at predicting races and betting on them you will find that using Asian odds will lead you to less variance in the cellar. You will win more often as there is no draw to spoil you, and you will have more money coming from returns or partially won bets.

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