Why choose AsianConnect?

Have you ever asked yourself what are the things to consider when choosing a broker where you can entrust your betting needs? You may take a look on the services we can provide you that might help you to decide.

  • Restrictions wouldn’t be a hindrance

There are some legal restrictions regarding gambling in some countries, and brokers find a way to help you place your bets.

  • Easy access to deposit and withdraw money.

Most of us doesn’t want to waste time to go to bank from time to time. A 5 minute access to place your bets would give us convenient.

  • Confidentiality

Since we value our customers, giving out their information to third parties is a big NO. All information given out to us, are considered confidential.

  • Bonus offers

We’re also giving out bonus offers to new customers, so that they will be able to enjoy their betting experience with us.

  • Own platform

Placing bets to different books takes so much time. But with asianodds you can place all your bets in just 1 platform. A big relief, Isn’t it?

  • 24/7 Customer Service

Our friendly support will help you and assist you in your every betting needs.

Who are Asianconnect?

AsianConnectis a bet brokerage company that gives you access to different books such as Sbobet, Maxbet, Pinnacle, GA88, Matchbook, BetISN and Singbet. We also offer Asianodds, our own platform that allows you to have access in 6 major books.

Asianconnect is one of the most trusted betting brokerage when it comes to your money and information. Easy way access to deposit and withdraw money through online will just take 5 minutes to process and any of your personal information will not be disclosed to any third parties.

We accept netteler, ecopayz, skrill, bankwire and bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Minimum deposit will depend on what books you would like to open.

Using asianconnect is free of charge. We also offers 24/7 customer service wherein you can ask your queries anytime you need.

How safe is your money with AsianConnect?

Once your initial deposit has been processed we automatically credit it to your newly opened account.

We are also requiring our customers to undergo our KYC (Know your Customer) verification process. This is to allow us to authenticate the real identity of our customer for withdrawal purposes.

You need not to worry since Asianconnect is a profitable company.

How to open an Account?

Thinking of opening an account with us would not take so much of your time. Once you are already signed up to our website, you just need to contact our friendly support for further assistance.

Initial deposit is required in opening an account. Once done, we will create your account and will give you your log in credentials right away.

It’s as easy as that, reliable and fast!

Who can use Asianconnect?

Anyone can use our service for as long as you are in a legal age and can submit necessary needed documents.

For those countries who are not permitted due to law of gambling legislation, and looking for alternative way to place their bets, Asianconnect is what you are looking for.

Small and big bettors or even big punters are welcome to use our service anytime and anywhere.

Is there any fee to use asianconnect?

Using asianconnect is totally free of charge. You can always use our system and contact us anytime of the day because we are online 24/7.

How do Asianconnect earn money if this is free of charge?

Asianconnect earns money through commission basis. We are not getting any amount from our customers’ money, the bookmakers are the one who’s paying asianconnect for our service.

Is Asianconnect legal?

Asianconnecthas been operating since 2006, providing bet brokerage services to customers around the world and we’re confident of having established our name as a reliable broker, equipping all customers- old and new - full suite of solutions for their sports betting needs.

Our gaming license is legally authorized by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. We are legally-binded to maintain sufficient funds to honor all winnings.

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